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  About Company
Moissanite & Diamond offers a unique and rewarding experience in acquiring fine Moissanite jewelry by combining a lifetime of experience with attention to detail. Our business philosophy is simple: offer customers incredible values on the best quality Moissanite and precious metals.

We have been offering Charles & Colvard Created fine Moissanite jewelry exclusively since 2000 and have helped thousands of couples find the ring of their dreams..

We offer:

o 30-Day Return Policy
o Free FedEx Shipping to the US
o Low-Price Guarantee
o No Sales Tax
o Lifetime Warranty against chipping and breaking
o Charles & Colvard Lifetime Limited Warranty
o Lifetime Trade-Up Program
o 100% Conflict-Free and Eco-Friendly jewelry using recycled metals
o Largest Selection of Moissanite Engagement Rings
o Custom Ring Designing using Computer Aided Design (CAD/CAM)

About Moissanite

Moissanite is an incredible near-colorless jewel with more fire and brilliance than any other gemstone on earth. Second in hardness only to diamond, Moissanite is durable and tough and it is in a class of its own with twice the fire as diamond. An eco-friendly and 100% conflict-free jewel, Moissanite is extremely resistant to scratching, abrasion, breaking and chipping. Each Charles & Colvard created Moissanite comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty that ensures it will never change color, fade or lose its brilliance or fire. It is a high quality gemstone with superior brilliance and stellar beauty.

Every Moissanite is produced within exacting specifications and high quality control standards. Each jewel is hand-faceted by a skilled diamond cutter to create its maximum brilliance and enhance Moissanite’s exceptional fire. Only near-colorless Moissanite graded as “Very Good” with “eye-clean” clarity is available for sale.

Charles & Colvard Warranty
All of our jewelry comes with a Charles & Colvard ”Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Lifetime Warranty” card. Charles & Colvard, Ltd. provides consumers a limited warranty that Moissanite will maintain their brilliance and fire. In the unlikely event these optical properties of brilliance and fire alter in a Charles & Colvard created Moissanite jewel(s), the jewelry, along with the original sales receipt warranty card can be returned to for evaluation and replacement.

To register your Moissanite jewel, please click here:

Moissanite & Diamond Warranty
While moissanite is extremely durable and has a hardness of 9.25, it like all fine gemstones and diamonds, is not indestructible. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid sharp blows when wearing any piece of fine jewelry.

To ensure the highest quality, all Charles & Colvard created Moissanite jewels are evaluated to exacting standards by specially trained gemologists, quality control personnel, and automated video imaging equipment.

If your moissanite stone should chip, crack or break, will replace it free of charge for a Moissanite jewel in the same shape 1mm smaller. For example, if your 6mm Moissanite jewel should crack, we will replace it for a 5mm stone free of charge. This warranty does not cover loss or theft.

Please call us at 800-561-6488 or email us at if you have any additional questions about our warranty.

Moissanite & Diamond is proud to be a member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC). We adhere to the highest standards of business practices and pledge to comply with all laws applicable to the jewelry industry. We believe in making accurate representations and full disclosure about our fine jewelry and we promise to uphold the ethics and integrity of the jewelry industry through our business practices.